Installations - sculptures 
The medium is the message

Lady Gaga 


A bizarre phenomenon in today's music scene. The singer is presented as a paper object, reduced to female attributes, as easily perishable packaging.


"At first glance pretty and harmless, the installations by Marie Schirrmacher-Meitz often turn out to be enigmatic provocations, the themes of which often pick up on current social discussions." Renate Selinger-Barber, curator at hit-technopark, Hamburg.


Handmade paper, bamboo, paper threads, sanded (50 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm).

Dinner for thirteen


Representing some religious institutions like Christianity, Buddhism, Islam also terms like globalization (@) or money to be given a place at the table ($). Associated with fuses (paper) and matchboxes raises the question of who first set the world on fire and thus could lay in ruins.


Radiate Eternal


The Japanese flag absorbs red color. Soon the red sun will no longer be seen.

Traps of indulgence


18 music stand built in the shape of an ascending spiral wear with reference to early Christian attributes cardinal red "traps of indulgence" of handmade paper. Symbolic mutate hosts to gold coins, which carry crosses on their front and back sides. The shape refers to the red Birette, as worn by the cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church.

The spiral is used here as a perforative representation means.

Holy Moly

(ugs. "Ach du heiliger Strohsack!")

Titel dt.: Heiliger Schein

Concept for a solo exhibition Paper Art.



    Slippers animals



Paper cradles


Harmless and beautiful, this lightness of being. Is she still in the certainty to have been born to die sometime.




Sandclock paper eggs




Paper Clocks






Twisting Dips