Exhibitions since 2011


Wilfrid Israel Museum of asian arts and studies, Haifa, Israel (G)

Workshop Hannover e.V. Textour, Germany (G)

Museée de Charmey Triennale Int. du Papier, Switzerland (G)

East Gippsland art gallery, Victoria, Australia (G)

69 Smith gallery, Fitzroy, Australia (G)

Art society Burghausen, Burghausen, Germany (G)

Forum Kunst und Handwerk Ebrantshausen, Germany (G)

Paper mill and paper museum Duszinki Zdroy, Polen (G)

"Turn und Taxis gallery", Michelstadt, Germany (G)

Paper technical foundation, Munich, Germany (G)



Pflegeschloss Schrobenhausen, Schrobenhausen, Germany (G)

Chapelle of the Condamine Gade Le Vigan, Frankreich (G)

Confederation of European paper Industries, Brussels, Begium (G)

European Commission, DG Enterprise, Brüssel, Belgium (G)

Church of St. Cosmae et Damiani, Stade, Germany (S)

Hit Technopark Hamburg, Germany (S)

Art society Stade, Germany G)



Unimog Museum, Gaggenau, Germany (G)

Museum Pinneberg, Pinneberg, Germany (G)

Amateras, Art Alley Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria (G)

Amateras, National History Museum, Sofia, Bulgaria (G)

Concourse Gallery City of Upper Arlington, Ohio, USA (G)

East Gippsland art gallery Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia (G)

Bank Street Arts International Book Prize Sheffield, GB

Arka gallery Vilnius, Lithuania (G)



Art society Stade, Germany (G)

Amateras, Art Alley Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria (G)

Art society Kehdingen, Germany (G)

From Lausanne to Beijing, 8th International Fiber Art Biennale, Nantong, P.R. China (G)



Castle Ritzebüttel, Cuxhaven, Germany (G)

5th International Textile and Fibre Art Triennal, Riga, Latvia (G)

Art Society Kunstrefugium e.V., Munich, Germany (G)



Amateras  Art Alley Gallery Sofia, Bulgara (G)

Papier autark, 30 Jahre IAPMA, Papiermühle Homburg (G)

Papier autark, 30 Jahre IAPMA Castle Burgau (G)

Papier autark, 30 Jahre IAPMA, Papiertechnische Stiftung München (G)

Contextile 2016, Contemporary Textile Art Biennial, Guimaraes, Portugal (G)

A Feast on Paper Art, Guangzhou and Shanghai, China (G)

Position. Exhibition in the factory of arts of the professional association of visual artists  Hamburg (G)



The 8th International Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary Mini Textile Art "Scythia", Kherson/Ivano-Frankivs'k, Ukraine (G)

3rd Paper International Biennial in the City Hall Beer-Sheva' in the Science Museum Carasso and in the Negev Artist's house in Beer-Sheva, Israel (G)

art-figura 2017, RE-FORMATION, Museum Perla Castrum at Schwarzenberg (G)



Global Paper 4, Int. Paper Art Triennal Deggendorf (G)

Amateras  Art Alley Gallery Sofia, Bulgaria (G)

Luccabiennale 2018, Chaos and Silence, Mercato del carmine, Indoor, Lucca, Italy  (G)



Amateras Foundation, Culture Palace, Intern. Paper Art Exhibition, Sofia, Bulgarien (G)

Gallery RUVANECK, Hamburg (G)

Kap-Hoorn Art, Bremen, (G)

Textual Texture, Intern. Paper Art Exhibition, Beer-Sheva, Israel, (G)

Shanghai, Intern. Paper Art ExhibitionFengxian-Museum, China (G)



Amateras Foundation, San Stefano Gallery, Intern. Paper Art Exhibition, Sofia, Bulgarien (G) 

Nature - Human 2020, St. Andreasberg, Rathaus-Scheune und Martini-Kirche (G)

Come home (Kommen Sie nach Hause). Atelierausstellung bei Steff Adams, Köln (G)




Origins and Destinations, University of Tasmania 9. April - 6. June, Tasmania, Australia (G)

Origins and Destinations, Shanghai Biennale in China: September - November, Shanghai, China (G)



Sofia Paper Art Fest 2022, Art book exhibition, Culture Palace, Sofia, Bulgaria (G)

Las Laguna Art Gallery Art Gallery, 577 South Coast Highway, Suite A1,Laguna Beach, CA 92651, Online exhibition, June 2 to June 30, https://www.laslagunaartgallery.com, USA (G) 

Rosa Alchemico the 31st Edition of Miniartextil, Arte & Arte, Como, Italy  (G)

Art Prize Germany 2022, Gallery Jaeschke, Braunschweig, Germany (G)



Annual exhibition 2023 of the BBK Hamburg "Now: All" , Arthouse Hamburg, Germany (G)

Rosa Alchemico the 31st Edition of Miniartextil, Arte & Arte, Gusto Arsizio (Milan), twin rooms of the Museo del Tessile e della Tradizione Industriale, Italy  (G)

The Art Rhine Prize, Sculpturepark, Bonn-Bad Godesberg, TheRhineArt gUG, Germany (G)

IAPMA Congress Exhibition, Castle of Pillnitz, Paper Alive, Dresden, Germany(G)

Galerie in der Stadtscheune Otterndorf, Art of Paper and Painting, Otterndorf, Germany (S)



Villa for permanent art in Bergen an der Dumme/Wendland "Die Würfel sind gefallen"

(May 9th-May - 21st 2024) (G)

Burg zu Hagen im Bremischen e.V. IAPMA BIENNALE "ReBloom" (April-August 2024) (G)

Art of Paper, Medical Centre in Hagen im Bremischen (May6th - August 6tH 2024) (S) 



(G) Group Display (S) Single Exhibition