C U R R I C U L U M   V I T A E

Dipl.-Des. Marie E.U. Schirrmacher-Meitz

Artist an curator

The last third will be exciting.


With 19 Abi done

20 studied art

24 with degree

25 jobs found

26 lucrative job found

30 worked independently

40 earned enough money

41 gave up everything


42 works as an autonomous artist

43 founded a studio

44 taught art knowledge

45 exhibitions also abroad

47 new studio built

48 committed to art

55 learned to curate


65 curating more exhibitions

66 tamping the homepage

70 riding a motorcycle again

80 exhibit at the Louvre Abu Dhabi

90 let all work burn

91 do not leave a mess


... at some point I will die healthy.



BBK Hamburg

Professional association of visual artists hamburg


IAPMA, International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper artists



2015-2018 Chairman of the Art society in Stade/Germany


Have a look: www.artelaguna.world