In my thesis as a curator at the UdK Berlin, I examined the trend of "paper art" as a relatively new art movement, in which the nature and value of the material is in the focus of artistic interest. Here the material itself becomes a message. My model project dealt with a concept for the culturally complex district of Pankow in Berlin.As a curator, I work in the field of fine arts for organizers of exhibitions and also companies with professional individual advice, conception and comprehensive implementation of art and design projects.

Cooperation with local partners, sponsors and foundations of fine arts is very important to me.


In addition to my work as a visual artist and curator, I am happy to take over the laudation at exhibition openings for solo or group exhibitions, give introductory lectures on art and accompany exhibitions with guided tours by curators. For the BBK Hamburg (professional association of visual artists) I was allowed to participate in the conception and implementation of the annual exhibition in 2017 as a jury member.


In the area of conception and design of exhibitions, I took advantage of the opportunity to support regional artists in an art society over a period of three years as a volunteer chair. Several unusual art formats were created in solo and group exhibitions as well as in competitions that I conceived annually, sometimes with award ceremonies. The outstanding group exhibitions included: "Unshown works" (atypical works by 24 already established artists), "Faces" (competition with 60 participants), "4x room for 2" (4 couples of artists created 4 rooms).


My training as a qualified graphic designer allows me to supervise exhibitions graphically, textually and conceptually, e.g. in the design of catalogs, posters, invitations and other advertising media. Documentation for specialist publications was created here, for example: "Tell me more" - photography and video - (Cziesso - Dévény and Sapendovski), catalog for the exhibition.


A biennial exhibition project has being developed with my conception for the city of Cuxhaven. CuxPaperArt21 shall illuminate the world of paper art every two years and set an eye-catching signal for northern Germany. (